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Introduction + “SR Exec Tests”

How’s your sales organization running right now?

Could a high powered professional sales & marketing director make the difference?

30 years business experience up to senior leadership vice president levels


6  years global university PhD business teaching professor

Korea, China, Vietnam + US Embassy + Saudi Arabia


37 business articles published in 53 International Publications

Have me research new niche markets and new business opportunities, develop and implement aggressive business development programs and integrate into your business organization


build referral networks

Then observe business opportunities grow


Have me as an advisor, coach, mentor, teacher, trainer, 

or direct executive staff

Business, Business Development, Sales, Marketing Assessments

with Recommendations

National & Global

 My extensive hands-on experience in several markets and business organizations gives me substantial expertise and insights that would be difficult to acquire from any other way.  


My career has been dedicate to developing higher levels of competence and acquiring extensive experience, insights, knowledge, skills and expertise. This effort and journey required significant personal dedication, financial cost and Sacrifice, to accomplish.  


I am experienced, knowledgeable, trained & educated in utilizing advanced behavioral science,  neuro-linguistics, neuro-marketing, neuro-selling and the advanced psychology of selling & marketing; and utilize in ‘growing the business’    (how the brain & mind works; its influence on business; how to work with it & influence it for business, business development, sales, marketing, management, customer/client relations, promotions, branding and more) Without such knowledge & application/utilizing this, a business is most likely in an idle flat line/no growth mode or a declining mode.


These skills & this knowledge helps me stay in the top level of business professionals and leadership that have such skills, knowledge & experience.  


This is a critical success factor for growing the business  


How many times have you had the better services & products and logically customers & clients that should have selected you or purchased from you, ended up not doing so and maybe instead going to your competitor or someone else or maybe even doing nothing at all?  Why?


Or How many times have you had customers or clients do business with you instead of possibly others who are equal to you or actually they may have been a better choice even?  Why?   Or How does your organization utilize behavioral science with customers and clients relationships? Or You may be spending a significant amount of money on selling efforts, promotions, advertising, marketing communications, literature, digital marketing, and websites.  Do you know the specific things that are working being effective and worth the efforts and money being spent and which things that are not working and is a waste of money and why?  Do you know which things need to be improved; how and why? Or Do you know why people say one thing but act another way or make different decisions? Or How does your organization utilize behavioral science with customer and client relationships? Or From a behavioral perspective or view, what are your ideas to grow sales and channel more sales to specific products or services? Or What behavioral science fundamentals does your organization have incorporated into training? Or What training in the behavioral sciences does your current management have and how are they  utilizing it?   IMAGINE: What if; I was on your staff as either a full time staff or executive advisor and your business is now progressing in so many exciting ways and your business is growing Now what if; You know of me but you decide not to utilize me and my expertise.  Your business continues on the idol flat line or maybe even decline Only to find out that your competitor is growing, possibly taking your business away and capturing most new clients/customers business & entering new markets and I work for them.  How will you be thinking & feeling ? 


For businesses of all sizes that cannot afford a business development, sales or marketing director with many years of experience with top rated national & international successful corporations, the Business Doctor has developed an online library of information to answer most of your basic questions and give you some valuable insights.


A great resource for university business professors, teachers, students. business consultants and advisors, CEO’s and other senior level executives.


 Over 900,000 national and international visitors utilizing this website since the year 2002.

Over 3/4 million, individuals and professionals visiting and utilizing this website and has increased to 2400 to 3500 per month.

There are over 120 important business subjects shared with you on this website.


 Refer to the bibliography for a listing of these and for the articles that have been published in numerous professional magazines and journals, national and international.


There are several personal interviews full of good information as well as some short videos.


 As to why I am sharing such extensive valuable information at No Cost, I  feel fortunate that I have had the opportunities to learn such extensive business knowledge. 


Sharing such information does not take anything away from me and instead it enhances me in many ways.


 Like a lit candle; using it to light other candles does not diminish it’s brightness and instead it helps to brighten the whole room.


 The academic world views the business world as lacking the higher education in solid business fundamentals and applying them that in turn contributes to business struggles and failures.

 The business world views the academic world as lacking real business experience.

My extensive real world business experience, higher education and trainings bridge this gap.

 *Expertise, knowledge and experience in finding new business opportunities with new & current customers, finding new clients and new markets

*My passion is finding ways to ‘Grow The Business’

 US Federal legislators from the legislative branch, judges from the judicial branch, presidents and vice presidents from the executive branch; have strongly encouraged and promoted the importance for individuals to seek out and obtain higher education and training to increase skills and knowledge.


This is good for the country, business organizations and the individual.

 I support this mindset and understanding.

 The federal executive branch is encouraging businesses to increase their ‘creativity’, ‘outside the box thinking’ and ‘innovation’     +     ‘Expand International Business’.

 I have expertise with this that can be of benefit to you.

  As Albert Einstien commented;   “Imagination is more important than knowledge”  “Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving forward”   “The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think”  “The best thing from college  is not the knowledge since much will be proved wrong over time;  the best is making the mind more creative”   “No problem can be solved from the same level consiousness that created it”  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”

 My background includes psychology.

 Psychology has proven to be a major part of business development, marketing, sales growth and management.

To learn more about this, on the website you can review the article ‘The Psychology of Business Development’  and  ‘The Similarities Between Business and Psychology’.

 You will discover a lot of valuable and insightful information in these articles that you can apply immediately.

Hopefully the information is helping many. 

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Are you the owner, CEO, president or senior executive? If so, take a moment to take my simple “Senior Executive Aptitude Test”. This test is in the Library Department of this website and is free of charge. It will only take a few minutes and you will quickly learn about your ability to grow your business to the next level. The ‘Senior Executive Test’ has only 3 questions to simply answer. (There is also a ‘Business Organization Test’ that is located in the Libary Department section) This test has 11 questions but is easy to complete quickly. You will to see your results and feedback immediately upon completing these tests. These simple to take tests are easy, quick and will help you gain important business insights. The results and feedback will: – verify that you are on track with progressive business attitudes and behaviors or – indicate that you should put some time into studying the information on this website and consider implementing some change or – indicate that you may want to consider me for some advisory and consulting or a full time position For unversity business professors, teachers and students; the test will help guide you towards the healthier and more progressive business attitudes and behaviors required in today’s business world. Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business, a business owner, CEO, president or senior business executive; here at Ask the Business Doctor you will give get some valuable information needed to spark your business. To exchange ideas or share thoughts, you can utilize the Blog page on this website or email me directly. For interest in utilizing Michael Marshall, ‘The Business Doctor’ for: – a full time position   – special projects – advisory, consulting, tele-advisory/consulting – personal and confidential coaching – training and special speaking engagements – rent a CMO Chief Marketing Officer – rent a CBDO Chief Business Development Officer – assisting in positioning a business for sale – assisting in evaluating a business for purchase or acquisition Telephone: