from the  1990’s


Michael Marshall
‘The Business Doctor’
Number 2


Image and self-image are important.

It helps to look professional when trying to feel and act professional.

To increase self-image, build on your positives.

People have a tendency to associate with those whom they want to be like.

Professional people like to surround themselves with other professional people.

Successful people like to be around other successful people.

Educated and trained people want to be around other educated and trained people.

Positive natured people want to be around other positive natured people.

Complainers surround themselves with other complainers.

Etc. etc. etc.

When people feel good about themselves, they perform better.

It is important for people to build on their self -image and associate themselves with the type of people whom they themselves want to be like.

It is equally important for management in organizations to help employees and staff feel good about them selves.
Show appreciation for employees’ efforts and work.

Find something positive to say to others that can help them feel good and appreciated.

People like being around others who make them feel good.

All of this also applies to customers and the numerous key contacts in each.

Show appreciation in some way to all customer contacts and find something to say or do that can help these contacts feel good.

You want customer contacts to feel good about being around you or associated with you.

To be able to close a sale, you must probe, uncover customer needs and have a good understanding of those needs.

Lack of this contributes to the studies showing 73% of personal sales calls or visits, sales staff do not attempt to close on some business.

You cannot try to close on some business if you do not know of it or understand it.

The highest compliment a sales person or company to have, is a happy customer referring another customer to you.

Always keep regular contact with customers even if you have made a sale already.

Do not wait for customers to call you. 

You should call them regularly.

Introducing new products and services to both current and potential new customers is important for increasing sales and building business relationships.

Account penetration and building business relationships is critical for sales growth.

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