‘Creativity’, ‘Out of the Box Thinking’, ‘Forward Thinking’, ‘New Ideas’, ‘Fresh Thinking, ‘Innovation’

 ‘Creativity’, ‘Out of the Box Thinking’,  ‘Forward Thinking’, ‘New Ideas’, ‘Fresh Thinking, ‘Innovation’

‘All are Mandatory to Help Grow Business in The New Global Business World’

By Michael Marshall, PhD   (AskTheBusinessDoctor.com)

‘Creativity’, ‘Out of the Box Thinking’, ‘Forward Thinking’, ‘Fresh Thinking’, ‘New Ideas’, ‘Innovation’, and ‘Reinventing Your Business’ are all important and mandatory for being able to grow business in today’s global business world.

In this short article we will not discuss  the details on how to advance to this level since this is subject worthy of many pages, many hours of discussions, several days of training and worthy of a being an advanced college/university course.
Instead, we will briefly discuss the importance and the challenges to accomplish this.

It is fairly obvious to most that new products and services are evolving at a fast pace. 

Those business organizations with new products and new services seem to be growing and those without, are declining.

Seeking out new and creative ideas need to be applied to:
1. New Products and New Services
2. Quality Improvement
3. Cost Savings
4. New Markets
5. New Applications
6. Customer Needs

All efforts need to be integrated into all levels of a business organization and all functions.
1. Production
2. Engineering
3. Customer Service
4. Sales
5. Marketing
6. Marketing Communications
7. Public Relations (PR)
8. Training, Internal and External
9. Research and Development
10. Logistics
11. Capabilities Improvements and Advancements
12. All functions and parts of the operations

Without this, efforts will fail.

To accomplish this, all employees and staff need to be formally trained in this and continual training established to assure follow-up and keeping fresh on everyone’s minds and efforts.

Formal processes and programs need to be established to apply the new concepts and efforts to continually apply them to stimulate positive results.

Formal incentive and reward programs need to be established

There are challenges:

1. Businesses may not have the money to offer adequate internal and external training to all employees and staff  (when this is an issue, be creative)

2. Businesses may not have the healthy mind set to do this

3. Businesses may only want to train management on these things which will hinder progress since all employees need this to contribute

4. Employees may not want to support this because of a lack of trust with the business from previous employee layoffs, downsizing, personal benefits being removed and poor feelings from other matters

5. Employees may not want to support this unless there is a significant  incentive program in place to financially reward them personally  if they contribute to growing and improving the business

6. Management may not want to support these efforts because they do not trust employees, do not value all employees, do not want to share any level of power and responsibilities; and do not want to appropriately recognize and reward for all employee’s ideas  contributing to growing and improving the business

7. The false belief that they are of this expertise and skill already

8. The false belief that they know more than most others and others cannot give them creative ideas and new thinking to help grow the business and solve problems and issues

9. The false belief that smaller improvements and advancements are not important and only large ones mean anything

All of these challenges can be overcome with a true team effort, honesty and mutual respect from all.

A major mind change from all is needed.

A reinventing the business organization approach is needed.

Staff, employees and management who do not support such efforts may need replacing.

Creative ideas come from within individuals, from groups, from business organizations and from a variety of external sources.   

You must aggressively and deliberately seek out creative ideas from numerous sources  then quickly act on them.

Small ideas, improvements and advancements can add up to major things and can lead to major ideas and major advancements.  Small ideas, improvements and advancements need to be sought out and valued.

These smaller things may position a business for something good and significant in the immediate future.

They may also solve issues early to prevent costly issues and major problems later.

When acting on new ideas and new thinking, it is important to focus on how you can do it or accomplish it and Not why you cannot do it.

You must be highly creative and ‘outside the box thinking’ to be effective in seeking out creative ideas, fresh new ideas and innovative thinking from all potential sources.

No one person or group has all of the answers and all of the new ideas.

You will find that creative new ideas and new thinking will come from all types of new and unusual sources.

You must seek these out and continually do so.

Any effort less than these is not effective.

Here is a simple and creative idea on where you can get new innovative ideas and thinking about your business; how to grow and improve the business and possibly how to solve problems and challenges.

Make arrangements with your local grade school, elementary school, high school and community college to visit as a guest speaker for their social studies classes or other classes.   Speak with  them about your business, problems, issues and your challenges.  Encourage the students to ask questions.  Then most importantly ask them to give you suggestions and new ideas about how to solve your problems and issues and how to improve your business, increase sales and expand business.

Get ready to write down lots of notes and new ideas.

You will be quite surprised on the creative ideas and new thinking that they will give you from all age levels and grade levels. 

Children and young adults are more creative than grown adults because they have not been trained to be closed minded yet.

When coordinating this, make sure that part of this effort includes donating computers and science lab equipment to the schools.  This is preferable over financial donations.  In the United States there is a business tax deduction for businesses that is beyond the actual cost of the donated equipment.  Have your company’s accountant research ‘Imputed Value’ under the US tax codes to learn more.  Basically there can be additional value attached to donated equipment for ‘learning’.

This is good for the school, the students, the community  and good for your business organization. This is a win – win situation for all.

Those business organizations that have been successful with new products and new services utilizing ‘Creativity’, ‘Out of the Box Thinking’, ‘Forward Thinking’, ‘Fresh Thinking’, ‘Fresh Ideas’, ‘Innovation’; have faced the challenges and welcome the new mindset that is needed to conquer the challenges.

The positive financial payoffs are great for the business organizations that are successful with this.

The negative results from failure of not accomplishing this, is great as well.

There is no in between, partial progress or median with this. 

You successfully accomplish this and grow or you do not and eventually go out of business to be replaced by competition.

Business organizations need the assistance of professional advisors and universities to help accomplish this.  They have some of the expertise, knowledge and resources that can help.

As Albert Einstein often commented on:

“Life is like a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving forward”

“The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think”

“The best thing from college is not the knowledge since much will be proved wrong over time:  The best is making the mind more creative”

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

For additional information and assistance, feel free to contact me directly.

Michael Marshall, PhD   (‘The Business Doctor’)
Tele. 920-734-8678
Email:  michaelmarshall@new.rr.com
Personal website:  www.AskTheBusinessDoctor.com

Michael has 25 years of business experience in numerous markets with a variety of products and services.  Prior to his extensive business career, he was a behavioral health counselor.
His education includes a PhD in business, MBA, BS degrees in psychology and social human behavior, Federal International Business Certification, and over 34 other advanced certifications in; business management, business development, sales, marketing, marketing communications, customer service, product management and development,  training and business  strategy.
Michael has written over 100 business subjects with 28 business articles published internationally.
His passion is ‘Business Development’ and ‘Creatively Finding Ways to Grow the Business’ using his psychology and behavioral health background and training.

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