Growing Business Internationally & Becoming Global

Growing the Business Internationally & Becoming Global
By Michael Marshall, PhD
Growing the business internationally refers to exporting or importing products, technology and services.
Becoming global can refer to internally becoming more global with your capabilities, attitudes, processes, business practices, language, staffing, products & service offerings.
There are numerous examples of each.
For becoming global:  Korean restaurants making their food menu & signs bilingual, Korean & English along with food description.
Korean retail stores making their signage and advertising bilingual Korean and English.
Retail & service businesses near tourism areas need to have bilingual staff, signage, information and literature in Korean and English.  The local universities can easily provide such skilled staff with students who are bilingual.
You may be surprised that this is not case outside of Seoul in other areas of Korea.   Many foreign visitors and tourists coming from other countries comment negatively about this and have a poor image of Korea this has caused them.
This is so easy to fix; just hire local university students that are bilingual.  They would be happy to work and earn money for their education, get work experience and use their bilingual skills.
Korean Chamber of Commerce organizations need to promote international and global business expansion,  offer training and support programs for such, have advertising, literature, support materials bilingual for such, their own website should be  bilingual, some bilingual people need to be on staff for Korean and English.
You may be surprised that this is not the case for many business chamber of commerce here in Korea and it is easy to do.
Recently I visited a chamber of commerce and volunteered my services to help them be global with such things and give free business conversation teaching lessons to their staff and membership.
They did not have interest to proceed to use my service for free to help them do this.
Examples of international business would be any business that is exporting or importing any products, technology or services and there are sales and profit revenues coming from such.
With such businesses they need be global internally with processes, capabilities and communications and bilingual staff.
Many business that are doing some business international have very limited global capabilities to be doing such even though to do such and have talented bilingual people  working for them is easy to accomplish.  If they did proceed with such capabilities, sales would grow significantly.
There are some good talented international consulting agencies and firms available that can help businesses be more global and expand internationally
You may be thinking in your mind, if becoming global and international is so easy then why doesn’t more businesses & organizations do this?
1. Management, leadership and ownership lack adequate knowledge, skills & motivation to progress
2. Often many want to but are not willing to pay for the expertise and services available that can help them accomplish this
3. Many are clouded or influenced by the ‘face’ or image mentality with no depth of substance or true abilities and capabilities.  Such people, organizations,  and businesses often say they are global or international but they do so little if anything of substance actually to be global or international.
So many businesses and organizations say they are global or international and yet their website is not bilingual, their literature, promotional information and communications are not bilingual, and no one on their staff are bilingual.
My suggestion for Korean businesses and organizations that are not global and international,  is to first take an international business class at their local college or university to help them gain better global attitudes and understanding; second, hire some of the local college students who are bilingual who can help them with this,  and then third hire a local international business agency or global marketing agency that can help them be more global and international and grow the business.
There is large potential to increase sales and profits globally and internationally for businesses.
I do not think they should wait for the government to establish such programs and give it to them for free.
They may be waiting a very long time if this is what they are thinking.
For more information or assistance to help you grow the business, feel free to contact me directly.
Michael Marshall, PhD
Atlanta, Georgia   USA
Michael has over 30 years of business experience to senior leadership levels in many markets and industries, national and global, with responsibilities in sales management, marketing and business development along with a PhD in business before teaching internationally at university level (China, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia).
Prior to this he had a psychology and behavioral health background with educational degrees in such and working in behavioral health as a professional counselor and therapist learning what affects and influences people positively and negatively and what motivates.
Michael continually seeks out knowledge with additional education, trainings, research and experience to keep on the leading edge of business effectiveness and business development.
He has over 33 international publishing’s on many business and business development subjects.
His website of over the last 10 years has over ¾ million readership
As Michael Marshall often comments;
‘Business Development is like a large beautiful polished diamond with many facets.  When holding the diamond up to the sunlight and turning it slowly, the diamond looks different with different colors reflecting on the many angles and facets.’
Michael is a ‘life time learner’.
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