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Exec Test 2009

EXECUTIVE LEVEL TEST OF ATTITUDES, MINDSETS AND THE ORGANIZATON 2009   WARNING   If you are not introspective and willing to advance and improve, do not take this test.   If you are egotistical, self-serving and self-delusional about the actual … Continue reading

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Psychology of Business Development – rev. 12/09

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & FUNDAMENTALS  rev. 12/09     Would a psychologist be helpful to CEO’s for growing the business?   Would having a senior executive or staff with psychology backgrounds be helpful?   Why is continual education … Continue reading

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High Unemployment and ‘Over Qualified’ Attitudes Can Get Companies In Trouble – Rev. 9/09

In the United States, Tough Economic Times With High Unemployment Is Stimulating The Paradox of Candidates Being Viewed As ‘Over-Qualified’ Possibly Being In Violation of The Federal EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws By Michael Marshall, PhD   It is … Continue reading

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