Cold Calling, ‘A Traditonal Sales Duty and Function’ ‘The Business Enviornment Has Changed; What is Effective and What is Not Effective’

‘A Traditional Sales Duty and Function’
‘The Business Environment Has Changed; What is Effective and What is Not Effective’


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By Michael Marshall, PhD   (

‘Cold Calling’ is simply contacting a potential customer or client by telephone or in person without any previous conversation or business relationship.  The purpose of such is to market ones products and services hopefully leading to sales.
There are differences between business to business marketing/sales and business to consumer.
There is also a difference between United States business culture and international.
Business to consumer cold calling utilizing the telephone is often referred to as telesales. 
Due to the over use of such becoming a consumer annoyance, US laws and regulations have been enacted to stop contacting consumers at their personal residence unless personally requested by the consumer.
Of course, businesses are being creative finding ways around these new laws and regulations.
Some approaches include direct marketing of many types to uncover consumer needs and coordinate consumers to request information.  Once the request is obtained a telemarketing or telesales call can be made.
Another approach is customer service calls based on the consumer being a customer to a store or business and signing up for special store discounts and announcements.
There are more methods to help get around the consumer no telemarketing/telesales regulations.
Let us move on to the subject of business to business cold calls.
There are no laws or regulations with this but due to downsizing in businesses and the new telecommunications equipment that gets rid of the need for business telephone operators and front desk receptionists, cold calling does become difficultMost business staff now has voice mail and without knowing the extension of a specific individual it may be difficult to obtain this.
Cold calling is also screened by fellow staff and can hinder getting the appropriate individuals to cold call.
With downsizing, staff do not have time to receive cold calling inquiries even if the information is important and of value.
An approach that does seem to be effective is cold calling to network to individuals for fundamental research about the targeted company or business, key contact names and to uncover needs and pain points.  The main reason for the cold calls is research.
After needs and pain points and key contacts are uncovered, a call via networking and establishing referrals internally is effective.
Internal referrals and internal networking along with significant insights and knowledge to the clients’ needs is very powerful.
This business to business approach can be utilized internationally but it is important to know there are very sensitive matters that are culture driven.  In some countries, such an approach will insult senior management and alienate them and get the lower level staff in trouble and possibly terminated.
You need to be sensitive to this international difference and be utmost careful to prevent any such damage.


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Michael has 25 years of business experience in numerous markets with a variety of products and services.  Prior to his extensive business career, he was a behavioral health counselor.
His education includes a PhD in business, MBA, BS degrees in psychology and social human behavior, Federal International Business Certification, and over 34 other advanced certifications in; business management, business development, sales, marketing, marketing communications, customer service, product management and development,  training and business  strategy.
Michael currently has 28 business publishing’s on various business subjects, internationally.
His passion is ‘Business Development’ and ‘Creatively Finding Ways to Grow the Business’ using his psychology and behavioral health background and training.

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