‘Creativity and Outside The Box Thinking’ Is Important For Business Development, Marketing, Product Development, Service Development and Growing The Business

‘Creativity and Outside The Box Thinking’ Is Important For Business Development, Marketing, Product Development, Service Development and Growing The Business



By Michael Marshall, PhD    ‘TheBusinessDoctor’





Many individuals that may be viewed as intelligent, smart, and brilliant may not be as open to new ideas and solutions as people would think they are.


Look at Albert Einstein who refused medical treatment for a large growth in his abdomen and died from it.


He refused surgery to remove the fast growing tumor and commented that he did not believe in artificially extending life.


This is similar to business leaders and management staff stuck in their own attitudes and ideas, and the need for new solutions and new ideas to keep the business healthy and grow the business.


If the business is unwilling to seek out and welcome new ideas and change, it can die.


Much scientific and medical advancement have come from other fields of study and from ‘serendipity’, just simple luck.


The same applies to business development, marketing, product development and services.


Organizations and individuals need to be on the look out to utilize thoughts, ideas and solutions from other fields to apply to their own.



Generally, this comes from several ways including;




From staff having extensive education, trainings and experience in many areas




From a team approach utilizing all staff and employees to contribute ideas, thoughts and solutions and a formal program with progressive incentives to simulate this




Recruiting management level staff and employees from outside your industry and market to bring in new ideas and thoughts




Actively asking customers and clients for their ideas and thoughts for possible improvements and advancements




Seeking out new ideas and thoughts from other markets and industries



Advancing how to grow bacteria in laboratory petri dishes and slides came from seeing how people make and preserve jelly and jam.


Advancing the knowledge of bacteria came from the study of dirt.


When doctors trying to study bacteria talked to those scientists who studied dirt that has bacteria in it, a break through in studying bacteria and treatment of it happened.


Using the medication of Dramamine for travel sickness came from using it for another illness that it was intended.

After patients using Dramamine for another illness came back to their doctors to comment that their travel sickness went away while using it, then did doctors realize that Dramamine was an effective treatment for travel sickness.


The advancement on medically treating Salmonella poisoning in people came from studying Salmonella in chickens and eggs.


Accidentally it was uncovered that individuals with various mental illnesses who

came down with Malaria and treated with the medication Quinine, their mental illness improved and cleared.


Using Quinine for some mental illness became a break though in medicine.


Using Coumarin medication to thin blood for heart patients came from studying cows bleeding into their milk from eating sweet clover as food. 

Coumarin was a substance found in sweet clover after it died and soured to be used as cattle feed


Later a brand name of this was marketed as a medication for people. 

You know this as Coumadin.


Those chewing Aspergum that has aspirin in it, for sore throats, it was observed that side affects was the thinning of blood and bleeding gums inside the mouth.

This led to using the common aspirin for heart patients needing to keep their blood thinner.


Did you ever think about how the latex surgical glove got developed?


It came from surgical doctors’ skin being harmed and irritated from using disinfectant chemicals to sterilize their hands prior to surgery.


A doctor contacted a company that made gloves and asked them if they could develop surgical gloves from latex.


Velcro came from someone with a pet dog.


He studied common burrs getting stuck in their dog’s hair.


He looked at it under a microscope and thought of applying applied it to fabric and other materials.

Teflon coated kitchen pots and pans have an interesting story.


Dupont Corporation developed Teflon for industrial and military applications.


Supposedly one of their engineers had a friend who was an engineer in France. 


This French engineer heard about Teflon and got some from his engineer friend at Dupont to apply to his personal fishing equipment to make it more waterproof.


This French engineer’s wife heard of this from her husband and used it on her kitchen cooking pots and pans


She could cook without butter and grease and food would not stick.


Next thing is that they opened a small factory and sold pots and pans coated with Teflon in France.

The business went well.


Supposed they had a friend that was an American journalist who visited them. 


She cooked him a breakfast on the Teflon coated pots and pans without having to use lots of butter and grease.


He loved the breakfast.


Upon learning about the Teflon coated pots and pans he decided to personally market them in the United States.


The story goes on to say that he approached Macy’s department store in New York and they agreed to some amount for a first purchase. 


The store sold out within two days, had to order more immediately and Teflon coated pots and pans went on to become poplar in the United States.




We can go on with thousands of stories on how scientific and medical breakthroughs came from having an open mind for ‘creativity and outside the box thinking’ and willingness to seek out information from other fields and expertise.


Again, the same applies to business development, marketing, product development, services and contributing to growing a business organization.


Studies indicate that brilliant ideas, thoughts and solutions can lay dormant and unconscious in individuals’ mind for a length of time, even many years until one day these thoughts emerge to the conscious level to be recognized and be so compelling to

be acted upon.


Many individuals have woken up from a sleep with brilliant thoughts, ideas and solutions to a variety of things only to comment later that they had some passing thoughts on these several years prior but only now the thoughts are clear and compelling.


This shows that knowledge does not stale and get lost.


Knowledge can re-emerge and be utilized.


When people ask me how they can uncover new ideas and thoughts from other fields and other areas of expertise, I normally reply that you need to go ask them.


This can easily be accomplished by targeted networking in business, networking while participating in continual education and training, and by attending trade shows in other markets and networking there.


Asking others about the marketing, sales, business development, product development numerous other challenges that they encounter in their market or industry and what they have done, may bring fresh new ides, new thoughts and new solutions to you.


Accomplishing this is quite simple.


Many have asked me how I uncover this information and insights.


Besides extensive education, trainings and experience in several markets, I have a psychology and behavioral health background.


This unique combination has proven to be quite effective in marketing, business development and growing business.



As Albert Eistein stated; “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.”




If you have further questions or need some help, you can give me a call or email.


Michael P. Marshall, PhD

Senior Specialist and Advisor for Business Development, Marketing and Sales

Tele. 920-734-8678

Email:  michaelmarshall@new.rr.com




Michael has more than 30 years of business experience focusing on business development utilizing extensive skills in marketing, sales, and communications; both national and international.


This experience comes from starting at field staff level positions and then progressing up to senior level Director and Vice President positions in several industries and markets including medical and healthcare.


His expertise is also utilized in special advisory and consulting situations, as well.


Prior to his extensive 30-year business career, he studied advanced engineering and then transitioned to psychology and social human behavior.


He was a mental health counselor for several years in some major medical institutions prior to business.


In these endeavors he learned what makes people do what they do, what influences others, how to motivate positive behavioral change; and the importance to a strong foundation and the individual components in a structure.


Among the senior level positions held during his career, Michael was a vice president of marketing and business development for a healthcare organization.


Michael’s education and trainings include a PhD in business concentrating in marketing and business development, an MBA, bachelor degrees in psychology and social human behavior, advanced post graduate certification in medical and healthcare marketing from UCLA, formally trained in ‘Creativity and Out of The Box Thinking’, federally certified in international business.


He has over 35 formal trainings and certifications covering the fundamentals of business development, marketing, sales, communications, management and leading a business to significant sales and profit growth.





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