Exec Test 2009







If you are not introspective and willing to advance and improve, do not take this test.

If you are egotistical, self-serving and self-delusional about the actual business or organization, do not take this test.

If you lack integrity and honesty, do not take this test.

If you lack respect for people, customers, clients and employees, do not take this test.


When taking the test, any of the above conditions can cause distress, discomfort,
extreme denial, irritability, anger and other uncomfortable feelings.

Rate yourself and your organization

0 to 10 points on each topic/subject with 10 points being the highest score

Add up the scores at the end and view the ratings comments


_____0 to 10 points
Senior executive level in the organization has good business attitudes that include honesty and integrity

_____0 to 10 points
Senior executive level actively seeks out the facts and truth about the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, (SWOT) and competition; and then uses this information to grow the organization

_____0 to 10 points
Senior executive has had an outside professional service conduct some skills inventory assessments in all departments and functions to determine level of skills and knowledge.
With this information a true base line has been established, additional trainings and educational goals established, and recruitment efforts have incorporated the higher skills and knowledge that is needed.

_____0 to 10 points
The organization has a formal process with checks and balances that assures the hiring of the highest level skilled and educated individuals regardless of age and even though such individuals may be more skilled and educated than current staff.

_____0 to 10 points
The organization is team oriented in most endeavors including; projects, product development, account management, efficiency improvement, cost savings, problem solving, market development.
This is exemplified with various committees consisting of all levels of employees and staff and of all ages, and continual improvement activities.

_____0 to 10 points
The organization has a progressive incentive program for all employees for suggestions including product and service improvements, new products and services, new markets, new applications, efficiencies, cost savings.

_____0 to 10 points
The organization has a program to continually solicit ideas and thoughts from their customers for possible improvements of all kinds, new products and services and just about everything else that they can uncover for new ideas.

_____0 to 10 points
In the last 6 months, the organization has done something different in regards to new products or services, marketing, advertising, communications, promotions, sales, market expansion, to help contribute to business development.

_____0 to 10 points
In the last 6 to 12 months, ALL management and supervisory staff has actively participated in some training program or educational event.
They have been tasked to share the information with the organization and show how to apply what they have learned for helping improvements and growing the organization or business.

_____0 to 10 points
In the last 6 to 12 months, the senior executive has personally visited all key accounts plus those in the top 50% of accounts to express appreciation and inquire about suggestions, new ideas and thoughts.
This can be accomplished with joint field visits with your sales staff or customer service staff.
Senior executives can also bring with them management staff from customer service, shipping, production, product management, engineering, purchasing, order processing or other areas of the company as well.
(the only risk to this is that if customers and clients give you great suggestions and ideas, if you do not show appreciation and act on them, they can view you negatively and unwilling to advance and improve)

_____Total Points   (try to be honest with the points that you have written down)


Results, Analysis and Scores

80 to 100 points
You are exemplary and you are most likely a successful growing organization

50 to 79 points
You are most likely a successful executive and organization but desire far more success and more business development.
The information in this test should help identify areas to improve in.

10 to 49 points
You are most likely seeking ways to improve the business and organization.
Some days you are probably wondering what else to do.
The information in this test will show you areas to advance on.
I suggest that you read the articles and interviews on this website.

Below 10 points
Most likely you and your business are struggling.
Most likely you are blaming the market for your struggles and decline.
The information in this test is critical to help you grow the business or organization.
I suggest that you read the articles and interviews on this website
I also suggest that you consider utilizing an outside business and marketing consultant

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