How to Set Goals/Objectives & Successfully Achieve Them; an Effective Global Approach

How to Set Goals & Objectives
Successfully Achieve Them


‘An Affective Global Approach’


By Michael Marshall, PhD
One of the most popular subjects that people ask me about is ‘How to Set Goals & Objectives and How to Successfully Achieve them.’


I am often asked about this subject from professionals of all types, students and many other people, globally.


Personally, I have made a life-time study and practice of this to understand what is affective and what is not.  I have done so from a global perspective that seems to be affective for everyone no matter of culture, location, age, profession or background.


Yes, I have participated in many training programs, read numerous books and articles, studied this for 30+ years, discussed with many who proclaim to be an expert & professional in such, taught the subject globally, advise & consult on such, and personally experimented with myself on many methods, over 30+ years.


Well, with age often accompanies wisdom which is the practical successful application of experience & knowledge.


In this brief article I will share all of this with you in an easy to understand format and easy to use method.


I can honestly say that after you have reviewed this article a few times and think about it, you will find it fundamental, common sense and excited to utilize for yourself immediately, to achieve success with your own goals & objectives.


Yes, it should have a significant positive influence and positive impact on your life.


Yes, you should pass it forward and share the detailed information with your close friends and individuals that you may care about.


Now, let’s continue.


First, the fundamentals include;


1. the need to do extensive study & research in the subject of your goals & objectives to make sure they are realistic, achievable & actually desirable for you and your needs.


2. the importance that everything must be put in detailed writing and reviewed weekly, bi-weekly or at least close to this time frame;  if you do not write it down, it most likely will not happen & if you do not review it often, it most likely will not happen


3. be willing to revise and edit as needed to adjust to changing environment, situation or your personal needs


4. you can have several or many goals & objectives for ‘Personal, Career and Business’


5. it is wise to have established Plan A & a Plan B for all of your goals /objectives ready to implement if situation & needs change


6. develop & list all of the many smaller steps needed to accomplish that will lead you to accomplishing your main goal & objective;  yes there are many steps that will be needing accomplished that will lead you to your main goal & objectives
7. each smaller step needs a date for starting & date for completing /accomplishing each, and of course in writing


8. keep a picture of a ladder in your mind with you standing at the bottom of the ladder looking up to the top;  to reach the top you need to proceed on each step upward to get to the top of the ladder, your main goal & objective


9. list all of the barriers & obstacles that can prevent you from completing each step and your main goals & objectives


10. list ways to manage & overcome the barrriers
Next, let’s look at an easy to use format for all of this for you to utilize


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ plus we tend to learn best from pictures.



Goal 1 Description                  Goal 2 Description                                            Goal 3 Description
Step 1 description + start & finish dates      Step 2 (repeat same)       Step 3 (repeat same)
Step 2  “                                                                 “                                                 “
Step 3  “                                                                  “                                                 “
Step 4  “                                                                   “                                                “
Step 5  “                                                                   “                                                  “
Step 6  “                                                                    “                                                 “
Step 7  “                                                                    “                                                 “
And so on “                                                             “                                                  “
Date for achieving Goal (date needs to be after all steps & their dates of completion)
__     __    __


Barriers & Obstacles;
1.                                                                                1.                                                        1.
2.                                                                               2.                                                        2.
3.                                                                              3.                                                          3.
4.                                                                             4.                                                             4.
5.                                                                              5.                                                             5.
And so on
How to Manage and Overcome Barriers & Obstacles
1.                                                                               1.                                                                 1.
2.                                                                               2.                                                                2.
3.                                                                               3.                                                                3.
4.                                                                               4.                                                                4.
5.                                                                               5.                                                                 5.

Now, make copies of this form and fill it out with your research and the detailed information.


After research, study and your efforts to fill this form out, you should have new thoughts, ideas and feelings about much.


You may even change your mind about much.


Once you have completed this form, you should have a ‘clear achievable action plan’ with specific dates to progress with.


Many of you will feel that you have renewed confidence, energy and hope to achieve your goals.


It is amazing what the effect of a well thought out detailed achievable plan has on individuals.


Yes, you can have considerable control on your dreams, possible destiny & future and goals.


Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about this and how this may have helped you via email to me personally.


I sincerely hope this detailed information will help you.


I wish you the best with your future and successfully achieving your life goals.
Michael P. Marshall, PhD
Michael Marshall has 30 years of business experience advancing from field level early in his business career up to senior leadership levels in many markets and industries.  He also teaches internationally at university level.  His continual education and learning includes a PhD in business and over 40 professional advanced business certifications that he constantly updates. Michael is a life-time learner that continually seeks out new additional knowledge and experience.  Prior to Michael’s business career he was a behavioral health counselor & therapist.  He has written on well over 100 business subjects which are on his personal website of and has 30 global publishing’s.



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