TEST For The Business Organization


10 points 
All products and services that you are selling are represented in all of your marketing communications; literature, advertising, PR, website, etc.

10 points
Products and services that you are capable of but you Do Not have sales for yet, are represented in all of your marketing communications; literature, advertising, PR, website, etc.

(with this question, we are looking for any products/services that you have capabilites in but you are not marketing them appropriately – hidden business development opportunitities)

10 points
From the last 12 months of sales, at least one customer is from a new market segment or from a new application

10 points
Over the last 12 months, you have introduced at least one new product or new service

10 points
You acknowledge the products and services that are nearing end of profitable life cycle and have new products and services being introduced now

10 points
Of your accounts and customers, at least 10% are new from the last 12 -18 months

10 points
Of your Largest Key Accounts and Customers, at least 10% or 1-2 minimum are new from the last 12-18 months

10 points
You have both a marketing plan and business plan plus you are actively implementing them

10 points
You have a thorough global competition analyses and using it for bench marking and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

10 points
ALL management staff participates in some type of business related education or training program, once per year at a minimum

Bonus 10 points
You have a major effort with processes, rewards and on-going training to stimulate ‘creativity”, “out of the box thinking” and “innovation” in all departments and functions of your business

The grading is simple, you earn the 10 points on each question or you do not.

Try not to cheat.

Award points only that you really should get.

Just add up the points you earned or qualify for.


90 – 110 points 

Very good and exceptional

80 points     

Good but you have what is takes to make it to the next level of excellence

70 points      

You probably have improved a lot over the last year

Don’t stop now
Keep improving

60 points     

Not bad but you have far more potential growth available

50 points     

You are doing some good things but too many of the not so good things are getting in your way and preventing you from growing

40 points       

You are probably scratching your head and wondering what else you should be doing to grow the business 
From this simple test, it should be obvious what you need to be doing  
You now have some guidance

30 points      

You are probably not growing and are just in a reactive mode with daily business issues and problems
From this test, you now know what you have to get done right now

20 points and below 

You are struggling

Read all of the information on this website, view the videos and consider retaining a business advisor

You need some major business attitude changes and major advancements

If the organization is not willing to proceed aggressively, the organization should consider selling to a competitor
For any assistance, contact:

Michael Marshall
‘The Business Doctor”
 email:  michaelmarshall@new.rr.com
tele. 920-734-8678

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