New Leadership Challenges of 2009 and Beyond

New Leadership Challenges of 2009 and Beyond

Who Is Surviving?

Who Is Not?

And Why


Business organizations that have risen due to good fortune without good skills and expertise are now declining and failing.

The stories of such are numerous with all size business organizations in all markets, industries, products and services.

Leaders and executives need to be wise in all facets of the business especially business development and marketing to know good advice from bad advice.

In the past, most leaders have depended on surrounding themselves with good management people.

If the leaders and executives are not wise in most things, how would they know if they are getting good advice or bad advice?


The business managers are suppose to be knowledgeable and guard the business to assure business growth.


‘Quis custodiet isos custondes?’



This is Latin for “Who will guard the guards?”


How would leaders know if the senior management that they have surrounded themselves with are truly as skilled and knowledgeable as they should be?

How would they know if the supervisory and management staff are hindering the business organization contributing to its decline or helping it to grow?

Here is a big hint for you:

If you are struggling and declining there is a very good chance that you may have serious issues with this.


Here is another big hint for you:

If you are not hiring individuals with higher-level knowledge, education, trainings, experience, skills and experience than what you presently have or normally have; there is a good chance that you may have serious issue with this.


For leaders to have such knowledge, they need extensive experience, education, trainings and most of all, continual training in all aspects of the business especially business development and marketing.

In today’s challenging business world, others now judge leaders on current good deeds and not on past deeds during easier times and good fortune.

Present business times with the numerous new challenges require different processes, methods, attitudes and mindsets to be effective and grow.

Without such, a business organization is in risk of decline and failure.

Leadership good deeds to the business and to others especially during challenging times will attract loyalty and admiration.

The geographic location of a business can be a great influence on a business’s success or lack of success.

Building a business in less productive geographic areas for one’s own personal preference or glorification can be detrimental during these challenging times.

As history has taught us, cities and civilizations seem to flourish over long periods of time if built in fertile areas.

Over time, leaders have risen in ranks and position for their desire of power and possibly to transition the business onto heirs one day.

Today’s effective leaders are leading and managing by group guidance of skilled and knowledgeable staff; for the good of the business organization’s future and its employees and not for their personal reasons.

Any other approach is leading to the down fall and failure of business organizations.

For those business organizations struggling and declining; only through major changes, reorganization with new thoughts, ideas, attitudes, mindsets, knowledge, expertise and skills do they have a chance for a ‘rebirth’ so to say, to give them the possibility for survival and growth.

Today’s effective business leaders are grateful to any and all employees who contribute to growing the business and they boldly show appreciation.

Without such, business organizations are declining.

Let’s discuss an interesting parallel to business organizations.

Many believe that a strong country requires a strong army well trained, well equipped; and supported by its citizens.

Compare this to a business organization.

The country is the business organization.

The general is the president and CEO.

The army officers are the management staff.

The army is the employees.

The training is the levels of education, trainings, knowledge, skills, expertise, attitudes, plus continual education and training of the employees and management staff.

The equipment is the products, services, processes, procedures and methods.

The citizens are customers, clients and the marketplace.

Similar to army generals, today’s effective leaders are looking thoroughly at each of these areas to evaluate what levels they are currently at and aggressively implementing the changes that are needed to improve quickly and be the best in all areas.

Keeping this in mind;

* How does your business organization in each of these areas compare? 
* What is needed to improve?
* What are you doing to improve immediately?


This information should be helpful for some of your organization’s needs and business development.


If you have further questions or need some help, you can give me a call or email.


Michael P. Marshall, PhD
Senior Specialist and Advisor for Business Development, Marketing and Sales
Tele. 920-734-8678

Michael has more than 30 years of business experience focusing on business development utilizing extensive skills in marketing, sales, and communications; both national and international.

This experience comes from starting at field staff level positions and then progressing up to senior level Director and Vice President positions in several industries and markets.

His expertise is also utilized in special advisory and consulting situations, as well.

As a youth, he was a Boy Scout and achieved the Eagle Scout Rank that instilled ethics and high ideals.

Prior to his extensive 30-year business career, he studied advanced engineering and then transitioned to psychology and social human behavior.

He was a mental health counselor for several years in some major medical institutions prior to a business career.

In these endeavors he learned what makes people do what they do, what influences others, how to motivate positive behavioral change; and the importance to a strong foundation and the individual components in a structure.

Among the senior level positions held during his 30-year career, Michael has held director and vice president level positions in marketing, sales and business development in several industries and markets including medical.

Michael’s education and trainings include a PhD in business concentrating in marketing and business development, an MBA, bachelor degrees in psychology and social human behavior, advanced post graduate certification in marketing from UCLA, formally trained in ‘Creativity and Out of The Box Thinking’, federally certified in international business, and being an alumnus of six universities.

He has over 35 formal trainings and certifications covering the fundamentals of business development, marketing, sales, communications, management and leading a business to significant sales and profit growth.

Michael has written on over 120 business subjects with 19 published in national and international publications.

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