Background Information


My extensive hands-on experience in several markets and business organizations gives me substantial expertise and insights that would be difficult to acquire from any other way.


My career has been dedicate to developing higher levels of competence and acquiring extensive experience, insights, knowledge, skills and expertise.

This effort and journey required significant personal dedication, financial cost and Sacrifice, to accomplish.


Some people have asked me why I share such extensive valuable business information and at No Cost.

 I reply that;

‘I feel fortunate with having the opportunitities to gain such knowledge.  Being willing to share the knowledge with others does not take anything away from me but actually enhances me in many ways.

Like a lit candle,  using it to light other candles does not diminish the candle’s light but actually helps to brighten up the whole room.’


In many business organizations, competence needs increasing substantially.

The information in this website will help.


How many times have you had the better services & products and logically customers & clients that should have selected you or purchased from you, ended up not doing so and maybe instead going to your competitor or someone else or maybe even doing nothing at all?  Why?


How many times have you had customers or clients do business with you instead of possibly others who are equal to you or actually they may have been a better choice even?  Why?


How does your organization utilize behavioral science with customers and clients relationships?


You may be spending a significant amount of money on selling efforts, promotions, advertising, marketing communications, literature, digital marketing, and websites.  Do you know the specific things that are working being effective and worth the efforts and money being spent and which things that are not working and is a waste of money and why?  Do you know which things need to be improved; how and why?


Do you know why people say one thing but act another way or make different decisions?


How does your organization utilize behavioral science with customer and client relationships?


From a behavioral perspective or view, what are your ideas to grow sales and channel more sales to specific products or services?


What behavioral science fundamentals does your organization have incorporated into training?


What training in the behavioral sciences does your current management have and how are they  utilizing it?


 The academic world views the business world as lacking higher education in solid business fundamentals and not applying them contributing to business struggles and failures.

 The business world views the academic world as lacking real business experience.

 My extensive real world business experience, higher education and trainings bridge this gap.

Skills And Expertise Include: 
1. Sales and Selling      
2. Finding new customers, new business, new markets
3. Research new niche markets and new applications
4. Develop and implement aggressive business development programs and integrate into the organization
5. Personal Selling & Account Penetration
6. Account Relationship Development
7. Psychology of Selling, Marketing & Business
8. Referral network development and expansion
9. Strategic Alliances; develop and manage
10. Business networking
11. Sales Management
12. Develop/ manage customer service
13. Utilize customer service to grow sales
14. Develop/ manage inside sales, inbound/ outbound
15. Develop/ manage field sales, direct staff and independent representatives, national/international
16. Develop/manage distribution networks, national/international
17. Cross selling, up selling
18. Consultative/Solutions Approach
19. PR, Advertising, Literature, Promotions
20. Communication strategies
21. Improve websites
22. Utilize digital media technology

 23. Lead Generation & Database Marketing

24. Develop sales and marketing tools that help develop business relationships and help close sales
25. Competitive Analysis & Differentiation
26. Value Analysis & Strategy
27. Competitive Analysis
28. Gap Analysis & Bench Marking
29. Developing competitive edge and advantage
30. Investigating needs of customers’ and markets’
31. Needs Analysis, Sales Analysis
 32. Branding, internal & external
33. Market positioning
34. Finding profitable market segments
35. Segmentation Analysis and time cycles
36. Conjoint Analysis (pricing)
37. Product Positioning & Pricing Analysis

 38. Services and products expansion and enhancements
39. New product introduction

40. Strategic Planning
41. Strategic Selling & Marketing Strategies

 42. Develop customer database
43. Research potential new customers 
44. Develop database for potential customers
45. Knowledge management
46. Market research
47. Marketing strategies
 48. Target Marketing    /  Segmentation Marketing
49. Relevance Marketing
50. Niche Marketing & Market Analysis
51. Market niches expansion
52. Market penetration
53. Differentiation Marketing
54. Value Added Marketing & Sales

55. Creative Merchandising

 56. International Business & Marketing
57. Expanding business, internationally/globally
58. Improving Sales Force Effectiveness
59. Team development
60. Compensation & incentives programs & motivating higher performance
61. Recruiting, hiring and retaining good staff and top talent
62. Motivating improvements, higher performance and excellence
63. SWOT Analysis & Application
64. Organizational Development
65. Risk Management
66. Root Cause Analysis & Applying
67. Decision Analysis
68. Finding cost savings and eliminating wastes

 69. Developing additional revenue sources

70. Contract Negotiations
 71. Training & Coaching
72. Mentoring and coaching executive level and others
73. Special events management & trade shows
74. Creativity, Forward Thinking  & ‘Out of the Box Thinking’
75. Visionary, Innovative, Team Oriented

76. ‘Finding Ways to Grow the Business’ 

77.  Utilizing advanced behavioral science, neuromarketing, neuro-psychology & neuro-linguistics to be more effective & achieve greater results in business development, business, management, promotions, branding, customer/client relations, marketing & sales

78.  A ‘good presence of mind’ that only comes from extensive professional level experience

79. Detailed oriented with strategy, planning, measurements & time lines

 80. Culture Differences in Leadership, Management, Communicating

*Expertise, knowledge and experience in finding new business opportunities with new & current customers, finding new clients and new markets

 Able to research new niche markets and applications, develop/implement aggressive business development programs and integrate into the business organization

*My passion is finding ways to ‘Grow The Business’, national & international/global

I am formally trained in public speaking, training and adult education, as well.

Several USA colleges have invited me in to be a guest teacher and speaker on a variety of business subjects.


Completed teaching at universities abroad for 6 years in South Korea, China, Vietnam & US Embassy + Saudi Arabia ;


International business, culture differences, business writing, business conversation in English, healthcare/medical/psychology/counseling in English and other subjects, for most of the majors.


I taught undergrad & grad level, ROTC, military and local business professional in night school + government programs of local countries


I have developed and implemented numerous training programs plus have personally trained over 800 in numerous business subjects that are discussed in this website. 

I have written over 100 business articles with 33 published in 49 international magazines, journals, & networks


My psychology background has proven to be a sold foundation for business development, marketing, sales and management.

 To help others understand this importance, the article “The Psychology of Business Development’ is available on the website.


  1. University Business Professors & Teachers
  2. Advance Graduate Level Business Students
  3. Business Consultants and Advisors
  4. Senior Level Business Executives


The information in some of the earlier libraries were written awhile back, in the early 1980’s early in my business career when I was in middle management positions and responsible for numerous programs that made the senior level VP’s, presidents, and CEO’s look successful.

I was the key person behind the senior executives especially for those things that increase sales revenues and profits and stock price in the companies.

I was continually in formal schooling, professional workshops and trainings on numerous subjects getting the most up-to-date knowledge as to what works and what does not work; and then coming back to my job to implement major programs that increase sales revenues and profits.

To obtain such knowledge, I traveled monthly, nationally and internationally, for many years.

My responsibilites included writing executve summaries for corporate executives to keep them abreast of current knowledge and trends.

I was their personal coach. advisor, educator and confidant.

Throughout my career, I continued to do the same in all of my positions and assignments.

You can read more about my career and background on this website in several sections.

I am what is called “a life time learner” because I am continually going to school and training to keep up-to-date with all facets of business, business development, marketing, sales management, communications, strategy, planning and more.

Being that I am actually working in positions and assignments, I get to apply what I learn.

Looking at some of these older articles today, I sometimes think that maybe I should re-write them to read better and possibly insert additional information; but after re-thinking this, I believe that there is a tremendous amount of valuable information in them as they are.

I think it is most interesting to read these earlier writings and compare to current knowledge.  It shows how knowledge and actual practice, advances quickly but the majority of fundamentals seem to stay constant.  Sometimes how they are referred to or the names associated to them, changes.

Segmenation and Niche Marketing are now referred to as Conjoint Analysis.

Value Added Marketing and Selling are now referred to as Value Proposition.

Analyzing Price Points is now part of Conjoint Analysis.

Selective Perception, Recticular Activation, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Vibes, Bad Vibes, Good Vibes are now commonly referred to as The Law of Attraction and The Secret by the Metaphysics area.  Some of this I discuss in my article named “The Psychology of Business Development” which is located in the other section.

The numerous activities and tasks that are important to successfully grow a business and prevent decline are now referred to as Integrated Marketing.

Refer to the videos on the website to learn about this.

There are numerous other examples.

You will have to excuse my early writing style but keep in mind that my current writings are better.

The libraries contain valuable information from my extensive career of 30 years and of articles released for pubications and personal interviews that publications, associations and senior level business professionals have with me.

I plan to continualy add insightful information.

All of these writings and libraries were once a ‘pay for service’ on the website.

University business professors and teachers have asked me to make this information available to them and students, free of charge.

Since I am an advocate of ‘life time learning’, updating knowledge and sharing knowledge, I agreed.

I am now sharing the information at no cost.

To learn more about my expertise, experience, training and education, click on the About page.

For companies and businesses who want to utilize me in a full time position, consulting, tele-advisory, special training or speaking engagement, coach, mentor or teaching, they can contact me to make proper arrangements.

They can do so directly from the Consulting page of this website or directly at:



For simple exchange of ideas and thoughts, you can can use the Blog page.

The information and the videos should be valuable to you.



The fastest way to grow a business is to significantly increase all job position descriptions and hiring criteria.
Double the hiring criteria with higher education and trainings, higher level skills, experience and knowledge; and most importantly include ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’ and ‘out of the box thinking’.
Expand recruiting and hiring to include markets and industries outside ones own to uncover break-through new ideas and new innovative thinking.
This will have positive effects fairly quickly.

Michael Marshall, PhD
“The Business Doctor”